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Clinically diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 28, Pam chose an alternative approach to recovery. Now decades later and still symptom free, she coaches others on how to treat the root cause of chronic disease, using a holistic approach. She can teach you how, too. Pam is the author of Become a Wellness Champion and founder of Live Disease Free. She is a wellness expert, coach and speaker. The Live Disease Free Academy has helped hundreds of Wellness Champions in over 15 countries take charge of their health and experience profound improvements in their life.

Can Autoimmunity Exist without Parasites?

Does the immune system turn against the body in autoimmune disease? This post discusses how different parasites can infect human cells and cause what might appear to be autoimmunity but in fact, it is just the immune system dealing with parasites near or within human cells. And when parasites are treated effectively, the so-called “autoimmune […]

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Live Disease Free Parasite Q&A March 8, 2023

Pam Bartha answers your questions about parasites and how to recover from them. In the video, she also shares amazing successes from Wellness Champions who are recovering from parasites that cause chronic disease.   Is there a parasite connection to multiple sclerosis? There’s a huge parasite connection with multiple sclerosis. MS is an infectious disease. […]

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[MS NEWS] How Tapeworm Cysts Cause MS Symptoms

What’s worse than tapeworms in our intestine? Tapeworm larval cysts that move into our organs, eyes and central nervous system. When present in the central nervous system, they appear as lesions and cause virtually any symptom found in any neurological disease, including MS. This post explores the findings of Dr. Alan MacDonald and how his […]

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Study Finds Tapeworms in the Spinal Fluid of MS Patients

In a recent study, immature and developing tapeworms were discovered in the spinal fluid of every MS subject tested. This post discusses the findings of this groundbreaking research and how it brings us closer to the cure for MS and other neurological diseases. The cause of MS is unknown and there is no cure. I […]

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Tapeworm Infection Symptoms and Treatments

Tapeworm infections cause disease and are more common than we realize. This post discusses how we become infected with tapeworms, the signs and symptoms of tapeworm infections, the nutrient deficiencies and complications they cause and the best way to treat them.     What are tapeworms? Tapeworms are flat segmented worms that infect animals and […]

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The Best Parasite Tests 

This post discusses various parasite tests and reveals which ones are best to detect worms, protists, bacteria, yeasts and molds. Dr. Hermann R. Bueno of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in London stated, “parasites are the missing diagnosis in the genesis [origin] of many chronic health problems, including diseases of the gastrointestinal […]

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