How Pam Recovered from Multiple Sclerosis

Discover how Pam is living a healthy, active, symptom-free life – even though she was diagnosed with MS over 30 years ago

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It was the worst day of Pam's life. She was a young mother of two kids under three when she was clinically diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Even though the experts gave her no hope, she knew there had to be an answer. Pam chose a non-prescription approach to therapy, focused on treating the cause of her symptoms and that made all the difference.  

Now 30 years later and still symptom-free, she coaches others on the life-changing principles of wellness and prevention beyond MS pharmaceuticals.

1 Groundbreaking research that gives insight into the real cause of MS and other diseases. Insights that empowered Pam to take back her health and life.

2 The 5 simple steps she took to stop and reverse her symptoms.

3 How she treated the cause of her symptoms to regain energy, mental clarity and to feel happy again – naturally. She was able to feel like herself again. 

4 And Pam will share the stories of Wellness Champions who took charge of their health and have their health and life back. 

About Your Host: Pam is the author of Become a Wellness Champion and founder of Live Disease Free. She is a wellness expert, tireless researcher, coach and speaker. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is a certified teacher. Hundreds of Wellness Champions from over 10 countries have worked with Pam in the Live Disease Free Academy to take back their health and life. Her perspective is unique as she has personally overcome chronic disease and has an extensive science and integrative health background.


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