Bert S.

health and wellness mentor, coach and champion bert s

Just over two years ago I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 72, with discomfort in my feet, balance problems and a tremor in my head. Drugs were an option but with side effects. Pharmaceuticals were my last choice.

I went to a seminar of Pam’s and liked the option of eating a good diet and became a Wellness Champion. With diet and Pam’s complete support through the journey, four months later I am symptom free. Thanks Pam, I can now see a bright future. Each morning I wake up and see a happy and healthy future ahead. My story comes with gratitude and love for life.


Here we are almost a year since taking the Live Disease Free course. Best investment of my life. Continuing with the plan. Feel very comfortable with food choices now, shopping has become so much easier with your help. I will be forever grateful for taking the leap, and your one-on-one guidance. Pleased to tell you that I am feeling well and everything is how it should be.

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