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It’s been just over two years since I began the program and my life is changed forever. I have overcome MS and infertility with the help of Pam Bartha and God’s mighty grace!

I want to share my many successes. I should list them because there are frankly too many. 🙂

Overnight bladder symptoms have settled. I no longer get up through the night. Brain fog … GONE. MS fatigue … GONE. I’m sleeping through the night! I used to have tenderness all over my body in the soft tissue just under the skin. Likely due to widespread inflammation…GONE! Leg spasticity … GONE (minor flairs with too many carbs). Burning in hands and feet…drastically reduced! No more ice packs needed in the bed.

Dry eyes…gone. Mood has improved…smiling more. Less nervousness/anxiety.

Engaging more in life and relationships. Making plans with friends and family because I can count on feeling well. Excited about the future possibility of raising a family (I was once fearful of not being able to care for children). I am off my MS medications. Praise God!

I had significant cognitive challenges secondary to my MS which qualified me for several studies over the years with my neurologist. Recently I was asked to enroll in yet another cognitive deficit study, went through a battery of cognitive tests and found out that I NO LONGER have any cognitive deficits!! Tell me this program doesn’t work and I’ll prove it does!

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