Terri K.

I really do not feel I have MS anymore. I no longer have any symptoms. I no longer have tremors in my legs and the MS related stretch spasms have stopped. I no longer have balance issues. I am no longer fuzzy headed or get that MS fatigue. I have also been walking much more without my crutches and no longer take any medications. I feel better and healthier than I have in the 8 years since I was diagnosed. Thank you a thousand times over for introducing me to this new lease on life.


I just got back from the doctor. I had a MRI yesterday and got the results back today. No new lesions or any signs of progression! My last MRI with contrast was in 2011. Compared to the one yesterday, I showed absolutely nothing had changed. In fact, the existing lesions appeared to be smaller.

We talked about the MS and the fact that I have been off of all medications for just over a year. She was impressed. I stopped the MS in its tracks without medication. She tested my vision tracking and I had no problems. She tested my strength in my arms, fingers, feet and legs and was impressed by the progress I had made there.

My Dr. agreed that two years of nothing new meant I did not need MRIs. She also told me that because I had improved so much, there was no need for a follow up visit unless I felt that something had changed. 🙂

She strongly encouraged me to continue with what I have been doing.

Thank you, Pam for saving my life. Where I was lost, hopeless and suicidal, I am now free and happily living my life as it was meant to be lived. You gave me the encouragement and the knowledge I needed to open the door to reclaiming my life. I will always be forever grateful for that gift. Thank you.