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The End Of The Antibiotic Era?

Our dangerous over-use of antibiotics continues to gather attention in health news, and with good reason. Antibiotics bombard our bodies on a regular basis: via prescription for treating both serious and naturally resolvable infections, through the consumption of  antibiotic treated poultry, fish, meat (and subsequent dairy products) as well as glyphosate sprayed produce (a very common herbicide and patented antibiotic). Health care professionals and […]

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One Course of Antibiotics Can Impact Your Gut Microbiome For Up to 1 Year

Over the years, science has brought to light the importance of taking antibiotics only when absolutely necessary – to strictly fight bacterial infections that cannot be overcome by more natural means. For generations, our over-reliance on antibiotics to fight and prevent infections has led to the creation of super bugs and have wreaked havoc on […]

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