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Chief Medical Officer Studying Glyphosate Put On Leave

In December of last year, CBC news reported that Dr. Elish Cleary, the Chief Medical Officer of Health of New Brunswick, Canada, was forced to go on leave in the middle of her study of glyphosate, a controversial yet commonly used herbicide that is found in Round-Up and many other weed-killers. Dr. Cleary claimed that this

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Are We Passing Down Our Damaged Microbiomes to Future Generations?

You might have heard that eating a typical western diet (one that is high in processed carbs and sugars and low in dietary fibre) is harmful to your gut microbes. In 2010, for instance, researchers demonstrated this when they compared the diets and gut microbiota of European children (EU) with those of children in Burkina Faso (BF), a

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The End Of The Antibiotic Era?

Our dangerous over-use of antibiotics continues to gather attention in health news, and with good reason. Antibiotics bombard our bodies on a regular basis: via prescription for treating both serious and naturally resolvable infections, through the consumption of  antibiotic treated poultry, fish, meat (and subsequent dairy products) as well as glyphosate sprayed produce (a very common herbicide and patented antibiotic). Health care professionals and

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US Congress Passes Bill H.R. 1599, Quashing Mandatory GMO Labelling

On July 23, 2015, US Congress voted 64% in favour of passing Bill H.R. 1599, the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015,” which has been the source of much controversy since its introduction back in March of this year. It is so controversial, in fact, that it has been coined “The Dark Act” (short for the “Deny

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Westernization is Killing Our Gut Microbes

Gut flora, biodiversity, microbiome, probiotics- these words are used so frequently today that they are at risk of one day becoming little more than trendy health topics. To stay on the path to vibrant health, though, it is so important that we don’t fall into that trap. Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, pesticides, radiation and an unhealthy

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Buying Certified Organic Foods on a Budget

For anyone who has been eating a standard North American diet for most of their lives, it’s so tough making that jump towards healthy eating! It takes conscious discipline and strength not to fall back into old, unhealthy eating patterns. What makes this transition even harder, though, is the cost of eating healthy. Anyone who has

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Your Gut: A Delicate Bacterial Balance

How Promoting Flora Diversity is Not Enough in Your Fight For Optimal Health The vital role that our intestinal bacteria plays in determining our health is getting incredible press as of late- and thankfully so. Current research is showing time and time again that diverse gut microflora is key to attaining and maintaining optimal health.

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Dr. Perlmutter Reveals Ways to Promote Brain Health

More and more, research is showing that what you eat affects your brain health and influences it’s day-to-day ability to function. Gluten, carbohydrates and sugar can have a devastating effect on brain health, as Dr. David Perlmutter discusses in this interview on Fox and Friends- Fox News Channel. A definite must-watch!   Pam BarthaClinically diagnosed with multiple

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The Connection Between Disease, Inflammation and Gut Flora

More and more often, scientific research is revealing how important gut flora is in maintaining and improving our health. When the gut’s microbial environment becomes less diversified, troublesome microbes flourish, creating inflammation that can lead to disease. Respected doctors like Dr. David Perlmutter are really on track with this new research. His work confirms that

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Treatment Versus Prevention

  How Our Current Healthcare System is Working Against Us A friend shared with me that her teenage son is dealing with some very serious health challenges. I could tell in her voice that this has taken a real toll on her family. I began to share some ideas that I thought might really help

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