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Women and Neurological Diseases

Research is showing that neurological diseases are on the rise, with more women dying from them than ever before. In a 2015 study of neurological deaths of American adults compared with other countries, every country’s rate of neurological deaths rose relative to the controls, but most significantly in the US, which is a huge cause […]

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Dr. Perlmutter Reveals Ways to Promote Brain Health

More and more, research is showing that what you eat affects your brain health and influences it’s day-to-day ability to function. Gluten, carbohydrates and sugar can have a devastating effect on brain health, as Dr. David Perlmutter discusses in this interview on Fox and Friends- Fox News Channel. A definite must-watch!   Pam BarthaClinically diagnosed with multiple […]

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Dr. Perlmutter Discusses the Importance of Avoiding Gluten on “Live With Kelly and Michael”

Dr. Perlmutter, discusses the importance of eating a gluten-free diet in maintaining and achieving optimal health on Live With Kelly and Michael. It is so exciting to see hero doctors like Dr. Perlmutter get such great exposure to a mainstream audience and reach so many people! Here’s to keeping up the good fight!   >>> Click Here […]

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