Microchip Implants For Multiple Sclerosis

Could a microchip brain implant be a promising treatment for MS, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other debilitating conditions? Is it safe and truly helpful to implant this device in the brain? This post discusses significant safety and ethical concerns, as well as limitations of this new technology.


The first FDA approved clinical trial to implant brain chips in humans

In September 2023, Elon Musk’s company Neuralink announced that it received FDA approval to conduct its first clinical trial in humans to test their brain chip implant. The PRIME Study (Precise Robotically Implanted Brain-Computer Interface) is an investigational medical device trial for their fully-implantable, wireless brain-computer interface (BCI).[i]

“The initial goal of our brain computer interface (BCI) is to give people the ability to control a computer cursor or keyboard using their thoughts alone,” Neuralink wrote in a blog post.[ii]

Neuralink’s chip is the size of a quarter and is implanted under the skull. It is connected to 64 tiny wires or neural threads that are surgically placed (by their R1 robot) into specific parts of the brain that control movement intention. Each thread contains over 1000 electrodes that pick up and send electrical signals from nerve cells.

Their long-term goals include restoring sight or movement in neurological conditions and enhancing cognitive abilities.

Once in place, the brain implant will record and transmit brain signals wirelessly to an app that decodes movement intention.

Those with quadriplegia due to cervical spinal cord injury or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) may qualify for this initial study.

Although this new technology appears to be innovative, exciting and potentially helpful for disabled people, there are many safety and ethical factors that must be considered.

Safety, compliance and ethical concern

1. Safety

When new technologies are introduced and studied, it is common for unforeseen problems and/or deficiencies to occur.

For example, a significant number of biomedical implants (breast implants, pacemakers and orthopedic hardware) are rejected by the body and must be removed. Immune cells realize that the implant is foreign to the body and thus react to it by building a capsule that surrounds the implant in an attempt to protect the body. The stronger the immune reaction, the thicker the capsule.

Breast implants are also known to leak and cause breast implant illness which is a condition that can cause over 100 symptoms including chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety or depression, headaches, hair loss, weight changes, joint or muscle pain, rashes and skin problems.[iii]

Thus, being the first to try a new technology comes with risk and the ability to remove a brain implant without adverse effects is questionable. That is why it is important to weigh potential benefits against possibly huge risks.

What if the brain chip stops working and/or breaks down within the brain?

How will our immune system react to this foreign object in the body?

Is there any possibility that this brain implant could negatively affect our health, cognitive function, mood or even our personality?

Is it possible to remove the chip and the 64 threads from the brain safely with no adverse effects?

2. Security of data

Do we trust the integrity of Elon Musk and his company, Neuralink, who developed this technology, as well as the government regulatory agencies that approved the testing of these implants? Do these companies and agencies truly have our best interests at heart? What systems are in place to protect us?

It would be helpful to know more about Elon Musk’s character, his beliefs, comments he has made and the individuals and groups he associates with.

Through the never ending crises over the past 3 years, it has become evident that something is not right.

Also during this time, a new world order agenda by a small group of wealthy unelected elites (often referred to as globalists) is becoming more visible. Although their agenda was hidden in the past, they are now very open and vocal about their intentions.

World Economic Form

The World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971. is a major player in the new world order. They promote Agenda 2030 which advocates for depopulation and control. They are promoters of surveillance, genetic editing, a new programable Central Bank Digital currency (CBDC), The Great Reset (the forth industrial revolution), the loss of rights and freedoms, the phrase “Build Back Better” and much more. Many heads of countries are graduates of their Young Global Leaders program.

In 2008, Elon Musk was listed as one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders.

Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari is a lead advisor to Klaus Schwab, a founder of the WEF. Harari has been praised by Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and others, and speaks at the WEF, Davos, New York Times, Stanford and has done Ted talks.

His book was reviewed on the cover of the New York Times Book Review.

Yuval Noah Harari has openly said:

“The COVID crisis was the time when everything went digital. This was the time when everything became monitored. This was the time that we agreed to be surveilled all the time, even in democratic countries. This was the moment where surveillance started going under the skin.

Humans are now hackable animals.

The whole idea that humans have a soul or spirit, and have free will, and nobody knows what is happening inside of me, so whatever I choose is my free will; that’s over.

Free will … that’s over.

For the first time in history, it is possible to eliminate privacy. Knowing everything you do, everything you think, and everything you feel. Other dictators dreamt about this, but they couldn’t do it because it was not possible. Now, it’s possible.

We are upgrading humans into gods.

We need completely new ideologies and new religions.

Science is power. It is used to control people.”

This just a small sample of what he has shared in videos and again, he supports the same agendas of the WEF and other groups.

Climate Change and Geoengineering

Tens of thousands of qualified scientists disagree over the climate change model. These experts explain that the climate always changes. Although they agree that we must be good stewards of the earth, the scientific data confirms that there is no climate change crisis at this time.

The notion of climate change is currently used to create fear, motivate people to give up their rights and freedoms and encourage them to move into smart cities. The globalist climate change model is all about control.

The elites who support the New World Order have been manipulating our weather for decades. Even Forbes magazine reported this in their article, A Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun. What Could Go Wrong?

It is predicted that we will soon be subjected to climate change lockdowns.


CBDCs, or Central bank digital currencies, are new programmable currencies that are being rolled out to track every transaction and control spending.

The goal is to have every person chipped, which will contain personal identification, medical records, financial and banking information and a social credit score.

The goal of the elites is to have a one world government and religion. It is interesting that CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research), the World Health Organization (WHO), the WEF, GAVI & the UN are all located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Is Elon Musk a Good Guy or Bad Guy?

The following are just a few concerns about Elon Musk’s beliefs and goals.

Elon Musk tweeted, “wise words indeed” to the following quote:

“There is only humanity. And if we don’t come to understand that right soon there will be no nations because there will be no humanity.”

Why did Elon Musk wear a white tuxedo jacket with “Novus Ordo Seclorum” (meaning New World Order) written on the back of his jacket?

Why is Elon Musk supplying the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab with technology to control our minds?

Why did Elon Musk say we need universal basic income because “in the future, physical work will be a choice.

Why Did Elon Musk say at the MIT Aeronautics and Astronautics Department’s 2014 Centennial Symposium, “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon. You know all those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram and the holy water and he’s like… yeah sure he can control the demon, [but] it doesn’t work out.” Click here to watch.

Elon Musk sees Starlink, the SpaceX low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite broadband venture, as a complement to terrestrial 5G and fiber, as the service works to connect remote and hard-to-reach places around the globe. Musk says Starlink “should have global connectivity everywhere except the poles.”

Elon Musk uses the letter X a lot in naming his companies and his children. It is interesting the letter X is used by the occult and satanists. Some examples are his companies SpaceX, X Corp., and his social media platform X, formally know as Twitter.

Why did Elon Musk build the CureVac mRNA lab? Since the rollout of the COVID vaccines, we’ve come to appreciate how unsafe mRNA technology is.

Why did Elon Musk say, “You could turn someone into a freakin’ butterfly. Synthetic mRNA is like a computer program.

Why Did Elon speak of the need to create a “high-bandwidth to the brain to achieve symbiosis between human and machine intelligence.

Elon Musk said he plans to “Authenticate all humans.”

Why did Elon Musk say he could build tunnels for CERN’s massive new Atom Smasher, while commenting that his company’s participation would “probably save several billion Euros?”

Why is the director of CERN also on the leadership team for the World Economic Forum?

Why was CERN’s opening ceremony like a satanic ritual?

Why did Elon Musk’s girlfriend, Grimes, write the song  We Appreciate Power with the following lyrics?

“We appreciate power
What will it take to make you capitulate?

People like to say that we’re insane
But AI will reward us when it reigns
Pledge allegiance to the world’s most powerful computer

And if you long to never die
Baby, plug in, upload your mind
Come on, you’re not even alive
What will it take to make you capitulate?
We appreciate power
We appreciate power

Biology is superficial
Intelligence is artificial

Submit, Submit, Submit, …”

Many of Elon Musk’s comments and the people he associates with are great cause for concern. This begs the question, does he intend to improve the lives of humanity or is his goal to introduce his technology into every human being? Is he a globalist?

More on the truth about Elon Musk.

3. Ethics

When the human body becomes full of sensors that collect data, including what we are thinking and feeling, who is accountable for protecting the security of our data?

Where will our data be stored and who will have access to it?

Are there rigorous data protection policies and standards in place to protect us?

When we are chipped, we will no longer have privacy.

Will consent be in place to collect data? In the future when you have a conversation with another person who is chipped, will there be terms and conditions on how to communicate as everything can be surveilled and recorded?

Are they violating our sense of personal identity?

Does my implant become part of me? If something goes wrong, who is held liable?

Klaus Schwab is proud that the WEF has penetrated more than half of the Liberal cabinet in Canada and our Canadian Liberal government advocates for trans-humanism.



Although we’ve just scratched the surface on many of these topics, it’s evident that we are living in unprecedented, biblical times. The goal behind microchipping the brain appears to center more on controlling humans rather than improving the health and wellbeing of citizens. Microchipping the brain has profound ethical and safety concerns and attempting to turning humans into cyborgs (part human, part machine) will bring an end to privacy, freedom and bodily autonomy.

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[ii] https://www.cnbc.com/2023/09/20/elon-musks-neuralink-is-recruiting-patients-for-its-first-human-trial.html

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