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Inflammation: The Cause of MS Symptoms

  Story at a glance All diseases are inflammatory conditions. Inflammation occurs when our tissues become injured from either an accident or from infections (parasites) and the toxins they produce. Inflammation is the war zone between the parasites and our immune system. As parasites are treated effectively, inflammation stops and so does disease. Is it […]

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Live Parasites Found in the Central Nervous System of MS Patients at Time of Death

  Story at a glance For the first time ever, pathologist Dr. Alan MacDonald discovered borrelia (bacteria that cause Lyme disease) and small parasitic roundworms, tapeworm larva and developing juvenile tapeworms in the central nervous system of MS patients at their time of death.   Multiple Sclerosis is a Parasitosis – Nematode Worms, Eggs, Larval […]

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How Pam and Others Are Successfully Treating Parasites That Cause MS

  Story at a glance Parasites cause disease. The sicker we are, the more infested we are with parasites. Treating a parasitic infestation requires strategy. There are specific steps that Wellness Champions are taking to successfully treat parasites that cause chronic diseases like MS.  About Pam and the Live Disease Free Approach I was […]

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