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Is Your Humidifier Making You Sick?

For many people, the winter months can mean the start of irritated, dry sinuses, congestion, sore throats and coughing. Humidifiers are often a source of relief from these annoyances, but they can also bring on dangerous and unforeseen consequences. If not used properly and maintained according to the the manufacturer’s instructions, humidifiers can actually worsen symptoms and even cause

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Progress in the Battle Against Peanut Allergies

The number of children who suffer from severe peanut allergies continues to rise every day. Incredibly, in the past 20 years, peanut allergies have increased over 350%! Most of those diagnosed with this allergy have it for life and are burdened with the danger of a having an anaphylactic reaction with even the smallest of

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Do Your Probiotics Contain Gluten?

Surprisingly, there’s a pretty good chance that they do! Medical News Today recently released a report on how Dr. Samantha Nazareth, a gastroenterologist at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) in New York, NY, and her colleagues presented this unsettling claim at the Digestive Disease Week 2015 meeting in Washington, DC in May of this year. Prompted

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Reducing Allergens In Your Home

Choosing a healthy diet filled with a variety of organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, wild fish, free-range organic chicken, and a good dose of healthy fats (while avoiding the high-processed carbs, sugars and additives) will do wonders in your fight against allergies. But there is also a lot you can do to your home to avoid

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Dr. Perlmutter Reveals Ways to Promote Brain Health

More and more, research is showing that what you eat affects your brain health and influences it’s day-to-day ability to function. Gluten, carbohydrates and sugar can have a devastating effect on brain health, as Dr. David Perlmutter discusses in this interview on Fox and Friends- Fox News Channel. A definite must-watch!   Pam BarthaClinically diagnosed with multiple

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The Connection Between Disease, Inflammation and Gut Flora

More and more often, scientific research is revealing how important gut flora is in maintaining and improving our health. When the gut’s microbial environment becomes less diversified, troublesome microbes flourish, creating inflammation that can lead to disease. Respected doctors like Dr. David Perlmutter are really on track with this new research. His work confirms that

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Treatment Versus Prevention

  How Our Current Healthcare System is Working Against Us A friend shared with me that her teenage son is dealing with some very serious health challenges. I could tell in her voice that this has taken a real toll on her family. I began to share some ideas that I thought might really help

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