Gut Imbalances in Early Infancy Linked to the Development of Food Allergies

We’ve recently seen so much research coming to light showing the importance of gut bacteria in determining our health, both present and future.

And now, a group of Canadian scientists recently discovered just how vital a balanced intestinal flora is during the first stages of life. They looked at the gut bacteria of infants at 3 months and 1 year of age and discovered that those with higher than normal levels of certain types of bacteria and lower than normal levels of other types were more prone to develop common food allergies.

They also discovered that those infants whose gut flora increased in diversity or “richness” over time tended to have a lower risk of developing these allergies.

What is especially interesting is that this link was found even in babies that were vaginally delivered, exclusively breastfed and unexposed to antibiotics.

The implication of this research is so exciting! If we can fix these bacterial imbalances at a very young age, maybe we can help our children avoid allergies altogether. Perhaps early testing and probiotic supplementation will be a way of the future!




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Author Pam Bartha

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