Reducing Allergens In Your Home

Choosing a healthy diet filled with a variety of organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, wild fish, free-range organic chicken, and a good dose of healthy fats (while avoiding the high-processed carbs, sugars and additives) will do wonders in your fight against allergies.

But there is also a lot you can do to your home to avoid many pesky allergens.

This month’s issue of has a really great article that lists many ways to allergen-proof your home. Here are some important ones:

  • Run a ventilation fan in the bathroom during your bath or shower to reduce mold growth.
  • Use a washable nylon shower curtain instead of vinyl (vinyl emits volatile organic compounds and phthalates).
  • Avoid using plug-in air fresheners- they can lead to headaches and breathing problems.
  • Use dust mite-proof pillow cases, mattress covers, and duvet covers. Wash your sheets once per week in hot water and dry them at a high temperature.
  • Make your bedroom a pet-free zone to reduce your exposure to dander, etc.
  • Look for small leaks (under sinks, in your ceiling and walls, etc) that could lead to mold growth.
  • Dust your home at least once per week with a microfiber cloth or dusting wand.
  • Run your exhaust fan while cooking to reduce moisture in the kitchen and help remove harmful gas fumes.
  • Trade in your upholstered couch for a leather one- and vacuum it once per week.
  • Choose a vacuum that has a HEPA filter and a certification mark from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • Wash your kids’ stuffed animals at least once per month.
  • Choose lung friendly cleaners (vinegar is one of my favorites!) instead of bleach and ammonia-based ones.

For the complete list, check out the full article here.

The best way to fight allergies is to attack them from all angles. And these suggestions will help you do just that.


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Author Pam Bartha

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