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Women and Neurological Diseases

Research is showing that neurological diseases are on the rise, with more women dying from them than ever before. In a 2015 study of neurological deaths of American adults compared with other countries, every country’s rate of neurological deaths rose relative to the controls, but most significantly in the US, which is a huge cause

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How EMF/RF radiation makes us sick

We are exposed to electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) each day in our homes, at work, school, and while travelling. This exposure is increasing each year. Radio frequency radiation (RF), electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity and ground current are just some types of electrosmog. Electrosmog can trigger serious symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, and confusion in people who are

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Protect Yourself By Reducing Your EMF Exposure

Cell and cordless phones, computers, tablets, TVs, gaming systems, smart meters, baby monitors… These are just a few of the many technologies that make our lives easier and often more enjoyable. Unfortunately for us, we are constantly being bombarded by the harmful Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation that they emit. EMF exposure has been linked to neurological and behavioral changes, an inability to

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Westernization is Killing Our Gut Microbes

Gut flora, biodiversity, microbiome, probiotics- these words are used so frequently today that they are at risk of one day becoming little more than trendy health topics. To stay on the path to vibrant health, though, it is so important that we don’t fall into that trap. Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, pesticides, radiation and an unhealthy

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Shield Your Kids From Harmful Radiation

Is your child or teenager nagging you endlessly to buy him or her a cell phone? Perhaps they are pulling at your heartstrings, saying they will be safer with one- that they can call you any time if they need your help. Everyone wants their kids to be safe. And your being able to reach

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Thousands of Smart Meters Explode in Stockton, California

As much as our utility companies insist that smart meters are both reliable and safe, the media is reporting otherwise. If it wasn’t bad enough that we need to worry about the high levels of radiation that smart meters emit, now we have to be concerned about them being a possible fire hazard and threat to our homes’ electrical

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Are Your Teens’ Electronics Damaging Their Sleep?

In a recent study published in BMJ, researchers in Norway studied the time spent using electronic devices and the sleeping patterns of 9846 adolescents between the ages of 16 and 19. In the study, they looked at how both daytime screen use and the use of electronic devices before bedtime impacted their sleep. They discovered

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Treatment Versus Prevention

  How Our Current Healthcare System is Working Against Us A friend shared with me that her teenage son is dealing with some very serious health challenges. I could tell in her voice that this has taken a real toll on her family. I began to share some ideas that I thought might really help

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