Shield Your Kids From Harmful Radiation

Is your child or teenager nagging you endlessly to buy him or her a cell phone? Perhaps they are pulling at your heartstrings, saying they will be safer with one- that they can call you any time if they need your help.

Everyone wants their kids to be safe. And your being able to reach each other at any time is a very tempting point in favor of their argument.

But research continues to show us that the less time that kids spend near cell phones, laptops, iPads and other electronic devices, the better for their health.

An article published in the Journal of Microscopy and Ultrastructure reminds us of the many reasons why kids, in particular, are at risk of absorbing harmful microwave radiation (MWR) (also known as radio frequency (RF) radiation) when exposed to these devices. It is a collection of research findings and a valuable resource for you to refer to when explaining to your child why he or she should have limited access to cell phones, iPads and the like.

The article lists many reasons to reduce your kids’ exposure to electronic devices:

  • “Children absorb more MWR than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller.
  • MWR from wireless devices has been declared a possible human carcinogen. Children are at greater risk than adults when exposed to any carcinogen.
  • Fetuses are even more vulnerable than children. Therefore pregnant women should avoid exposing their fetus to microwave radiation.
  • A case study has shown when cellphones are placed in teenage girls’ bras, multiple primary breast cancers develop beneath where the phones are placed.
  • Use of cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count, motility, viability, and normal morphology.
  • Cellphone manual warnings make clear an overexposure problem exists.
  • Belgium, France, India and other technologically sophisticated governments are passing laws and/or issuing warnings about children’s use of wireless devices.”

If you ever feel like you are on the precipice- wavering in your determination to keep these devices out of your kids’ hands, read and reread this article. It will certainly strengthen your decision!

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Author Pam Bartha

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