How EMF/RF radiation makes us sick

We are exposed to electromagnetic pollution (electrosmog) each day in our homes, at work, school, and while travelling. This exposure is increasing each year.

Radio frequency radiation (RF), electromagnetic fields (EMF), dirty electricity and ground current are just some types of electrosmog.

Electrosmog can trigger serious symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, and confusion in people who are electrosensitive. Children, the elderly, and the chronically sick are the most sensitive to electrosmog, and the most affected by it.

Research has shown that ambient radiation in the environment makes disease causing microbes grow up to 600 times faster, and produce more toxins.  Exposure to electrosmog increases our risk of cancer, and greatly impacts other bodily systems including brain function and reproduction. It is also a significant contributor to widespread inflammation in the body.

I created a video to look closer at the sources of electrosmog, and to offer solutions to protect yourself and limit your exposure:

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