FDA Approves First Genetically Modified Animal For Consumption

The U.S Food and Drug Administration made headlines last week when, in an unprecedented move, they ruled genetically modified (GMO) salmon as “safe” for consumption.

This ruling came in response to Aquabounty Technologies’s application to deem AquaAdvantage GMO salmon and their production as both “safe and effective.” The company aims to genetically modify salmon to speed their growth so that they reach market size faster.

While the FDA insist their decision was based on a rigorous evaluation of the company’s data as well as other peer-reviewed information, for many people, this promise does not inspire a great deal of confidence.

Many of us are concerned about the short and long-term health and environmental effects of GMO foods. So much so that according to a various polls and surveys, the majority of Americans want mandatory GMO labelling on all foods.

People want the right to know what is in their food. Unfortunately, without mandatory labelling, food companies are left to decide whether you should be made aware that their products or the ingredients in their products contain GMOs.

In their news release, the FDA made it clear that GMO salmon, like other foods, would not require such labelling.

When you go to the grocery store, therefore, you will be in the dark about whether the salmon you have chosen, like other foods, is genetically modified.

While it might take a couple of years before GMO salmon reaches stores, to reduce your chances of consuming genetically modified salmon, be sure to purchase wild, not farmed fish.


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