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How Parasites Are Treated

There is finally a growing interest in how parasites are treated. Although many Western practitioners do not believe parasites are a big concern, many people suffering with chronic disease understand the parasite connection. People with a chronic disease often used antibiotics frequently in the past, they often have a history of digestive issues like gas,

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Do parasites cause multiple sclerosis?

Is it possible that parasites cause multiple sclerosis? What we’re finding in the Live Disease Free Academy and what current research is revealing is that people who suffer with multiple sclerosis are infested with parasites. Chronic disease is caused by multiple infections. By the time a disease is diagnosed we are in a state of

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The biggest cause of multiple sclerosis

What is the biggest cause of multiple sclerosis? I have interviewed hundreds of people who suffer with MS. They are all searching for a better way to treat it – a way to get their lives back. Chronic silent infections are the biggest cause of MS, and by treating the cause a significant amount of

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MS and heat sensitivity

Heat sensitivity affects most people who suffer with multiple sclerosis, actually causing symptoms to temporarily worsen. These temporary changes can result from even a slight elevation in core body temperature (one-quarter to one-half of a degree). The main culprits are hot summer temperatures, rigorous exercise, or a fever. For those with MS, heat can lead

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The top five ways our students treat chronic pain

One of the most common symptoms of autoimmune disease is chronic pain. I have extensive experience with this topic, because I have worked with hundreds of students who suffer with chronic disease and the horrible pain associated with it. These tips will help you learn to address and manage chronic pain. When students first find

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The mindset of a Wellness Champion

MS and chronic disease in general beats us up emotionally. It affects our self-esteem, self-confidence, and robs us of our hopes and dreams. Through the Live Disease Academy I have interviewed hundreds of students who are at their lowest point. It breaks my heart to hear how much people are suffering. Mindset is everything I

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How to overcome food addictions

Overcoming food addictions can be extremely hard. We want to make healthy choices but sometimes we’re dealing with strong cravings that hold us back and slow down our recovery from chronic disease. If you crave dessert after meals, use food as a reward for accomplishing something, binge on foods that you know aren’t good for

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How to prevent Lyme disease

It’s that time of year again, when ticks are out and Lyme disease is front and centre. Lyme disease is spread through biting insects. Virtually all biting insects, including ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, horse flies, spiders and mites carry the bacteria associated with Lyme. Shockingly, researchers have found that up to 80% of mosquitoes can carry

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Biofilms – What they are and how they can keep us sick

Image credit: Have you ever thought you had successfully treated an infection but it kept coming back? Or wondered why you’ve had a chronic infection for years and are still not able to treat it successfully? With acute infections like fever, swelling, or redness, bacteria live as single cells and are usually easily treated.

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Case Studies: Parasites cause inflammation and neurological symptoms

There are many different types of parasites that can cause neurological symptoms associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as MS, ALS and Parkinson’s. In the Live Disease Free Academy, I teach that infections are the biggest root cause of all chronic disease, and by treating infections, the progression of disease stops and a lot of recovery

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Why You Must Become the Director of Your Health

Becoming the director of your health is one of the most important skills you will ever learn – but what does it really mean? Many of us think, “If I just eat right and exercise I’ll be healthy, and if by some random chance I do become sick with a disease, my doctor will fix

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Living MS Free - My Story | Live Disease Free

My Story — MS Free for 29 Years

I am so happy to be able to share my amazing story of living MS free for 29 years with you. This is a story of hope, victory, and second chances. I was diagnosed with MS in 1989 when I was just 28 years old. I was a young mom, had always been a healthy

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Easy Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Easy Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Image and recipe adapted from foodiecrush This simple hamburger soup is loaded with vegetables and is an incredibly easy weeknight comfort food dinner, because more than likely you’ll have all the ingredients on hand and ready for soup thanks to your pantry, fridge, and/or freezer. Ingredients: 1 1/2 pounds lean ground beef (grass-fed if possible) 2

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Antihistamines and Myelin Repair

A 2017 study published in The Lancet aimed to analyze the efficacy and safety of clemastine fumarate, an antihistamine, as a treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis. Study: Clemastine fumarate as a remyelinating therapy for multiple sclerosis (ReBUILD): a randomised, controlled, double-blind, crossover trial  This study showed that a small group of patients suffering with

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health and wellness mentor, coach and champion 5g is coming

5G is coming – what you need to know

All major Canadian and US wireless carriers now have 4G wireless networks that cover the heavily populated parts of the country. 5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks, or wireless systems that is being rolled out across North America. 4G networks use frequencies (the rate at which the wave occurs) below 6 GHz, but

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An open letter to Health Canada

The life-saving, Nobel Prize winning anti-parasitic drug ivermectin is no longer available in Canada for human use. Health Canada, why are you withholding a drug that is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines, and that has the potential to truly help MS sufferers? Facts:  1. In 2014, pathologist Dr. Alan MacDonald discovered

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health and wellness mentor, coach and champion healthy food shopping

Is the healthy food you buy actually healthy?

We are all trying to make better food choices by purchasing organic and natural products whenever possible. There are so many more healthy options available to us now, however not all products are created equal, and learning how to read an entire label is a skill everyone should learn. Even food products labelled as “organic”

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Add a Little Spring to Your Palate

The arrival of spring often infuses us with a renewed sense of hope and energy, a desire to start things anew and improve our overall health. Why not make healthy eating choices that support this positive momentum? Here is a fresh and healthy recipe that will brighten up your lunch or dinner table, boost your energy and support optimal

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