Dr. Risk Shares How She Overcame Lyme Disease

At a Lyme awareness event in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on August 12, 2013, hero doctor, Dr. Rebecca Risk shared how she successfully overcame Lyme Disease using an integrative approach.

In her talk below, she explains how she has found herbal preparations to be more effective than antibiotics in ridding her of her symptoms.


Dr. Risk currently has a practice in Calgary, Alberta through which she helps many others overcome lyme disease. Click Here to access her website.

Author Pam Bartha

Clinically diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 28, Pam chose an alternative approach to recovery. Now decades later and still symptom free, she coaches others on how to treat the root cause of chronic disease, using a holistic approach. She can teach you how, too.

Pam is the author of Become a Wellness Champion and founder of Live Disease Free. She is a wellness expert, coach and speaker.

The Live Disease Free Academy has helped hundreds of Wellness Champions in over 15 countries take charge of their health and experience profound improvements in their life.

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