Giving Babies Probiotics Might Help Prevent ADHD and Asperger Syndrome

An amazing new study came out last month in Pediatric Research that shows a possible way to help prevent babies from developing neurological disorders like ADHD and Asperger syndrome (AS) later on in life.

Scientists studied 75 infants: some were given probiotics within the first 6 months of life and some received a placebo.

What is incredible is that at 13 years of age, 6/35 of the kids that were given the placebo developed ADHD or AS, while none of the kids who received the probiotics early in life were found to have these disorders!

It is incredible just how important healthy gut flora is: both for brain health as well as development. Giving babies probiotics early on might just be the answer to our prayers.

What promising new research!



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Author Pam Bartha

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