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[MS Research] Multiple Sclerosis and Malarial Parasites Part 3

There are insightful connections between the distribution of MS and malaria in many countries. It is also fascinating how MS patients have experienced symptom improvements when prescribed malaria drugs. This post discusses this forgotten research and how it may help in the treatment of MS. In Part 1 of this series, I reviewed a 2021 […]

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[MS Research] Multiple Sclerosis and Malarial Parasites Part 2

Most of us diagnosed with MS wouldn’t consider that we could have a chronic silent malarial infection because we haven’t travelled to a tropical country that has malaria. Nevertheless, over 100 years of compelling scientific evidence links malarial infections to MS. This research shows that for some and possibly many MS patients, a malarial infection […]

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MS News: Malaria Drug May be a Promising Treatment for PPMS

  Is multiple sclerosis caused by a malaria-like parasite? A recent study found that the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) significantly slowed down the progression of disability in people with primary progressive MS (PPMS). This post will discuss: What protists are and how they infect us Highlights of this study Provide compelling evidence linking MS and […]

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