Demystify the mystery of supplements

Nutrition is the foundation for wellness – and nutrition from our food provides the fuel to build healthy cells and a healthy body.

Unfortunately, most of our food produced today is significantly lower in nutrition than ever before, and even when we focus on eating healthy, many of us suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

While supplements do not replace the nutrition in whole food, they fill in the gaps of what is missing.

The topic of supplements is confusing and frustrating for most people.

We buy supplements hoping they will make us feel healthier and relieve our disease symptoms. And we often end up with a cupboard full of half empty bottles of supplements – many that we have stopped taking. If we are still taking them, we’re not sure why. They are expensive and we don’t notice a difference in our health.

I made the video Demystify the Mystery of Supplements to explain why we benefit from taking the right type of nutritional supplements, how to determine what type of supplements to buy, and how to make sense of supplement labels. You can watch below!

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