How parasites hijack our immune system

It is becoming obvious that silent chronic infections in the body are the biggest cause of disease.

To successfully recover from disease, it is vital that we better understand which microorganisms cause disease symptoms, how they bypass our natural defenses and infect us, where they like to live in the body, and how they cause inflammation and immune dysfunction.

The video Cancer is Caused by Parasites clearly shows how certain parasites infect various cells in our body, including red and white blood cells.

Infected immune cells do not function properly. They are not able to defend us from invaders, and consequently our immune system becomes compromised. It is as if our natural defense system becomes hijacked.

If a small number of our blood cells become infected with parasites, the majority of them can still defend against infections. But, over time as more and more white blood cells become infected, our immune system becomes suppressed and dysfunctional – ultimately resulting in disease.

Infected red blood cells can also impact our health in many ways, including anemia, as parasites feed on the iron in our red blood cells.

If your goal is to recover from chronic disease or disease symptoms, you must understand the cause. This video is a great visual that helps us understand the importance of recognizing and treating infections at the cellular level. Diet and exercise are not enough to clear chronic parasitic infections. These infections must be treated using a holistic approach.

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Author Pam Bartha

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