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Case Studies: Parasites cause inflammation and neurological symptoms

There are many different types of parasites that can cause neurological symptoms associated with neurodegenerative diseases such as MS, ALS and Parkinson’s. In the Live Disease Free Academy, I teach that infections are the biggest root cause of all chronic disease, and by treating infections, the progression of disease stops and a lot of recovery […]

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Do We Really Need to Detox?

Detoxification is a job that our bodies do naturally – getting rid of waste products and chemicals all the time. Our main detox organs include the liver, intestinal tract, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, and our skin. Do we really need to detox if our body detoxifies naturally all the time, on its own? For most […]

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Antihistamines and Myelin Repair

A 2017 study published in The Lancet aimed to analyze the efficacy and safety of clemastine fumarate, an antihistamine, as a treatment for patients with multiple sclerosis. Study: Clemastine fumarate as a remyelinating therapy for multiple sclerosis (ReBUILD): a randomised, controlled, double-blind, crossover trial  This study showed that a small group of patients suffering with […]

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