Successes and insights from 2019

Successes and insights from 20192019 has been an amazing year, full of inspiring successes and insights! We have learned so much more about the role of parasites with chronic disease, and more importantly, how to effectively treat them. I am so humbled and honoured to be part of this truly pioneering work.

Treating parasites is a lost and forgotten skill. The vast majority of both medically-trained and integrative practitioners lack experience in recognizing and treating parasitic infestations.

In working with practitioners, pharmacists and our students, we have gained a tremendous amount of experience this past year. We are able to help our students treat parasitic infestations more quickly and more effectively. This has led to so many remarkable recoveries.

Biggest insights this year:

1. The biggest cause of MS symptoms and the disease itself is a parasitic infestation.

  • Medically trained doctors have known for at least 30 years that fungal overgrowth is present in all chronic disease. The past 10 years Lyme disease has received a lot of attention by various progressive practitioners.
  • Parasites were always a concern but now that we can visually see them and treat them properly with anti-parasitic treatments, we see miraculous recoveries.

Why have I come to this conclusion?

    • The work of Dr. Alan MacDonald confirms that parasites are present in those with chronic disease. In his research, he found many small nematode worms in the spinal fluid of all MS patients he tested. These worms can be passed from animals to humans, and in animals they cause the neurological symptoms associated with MS.
    • The symptom improvement in our students taking anti-parasite treatments is much more dramatic than when they treat fungus alone.
    • The number of parasite pictures that I have personally reviewed from my students recovering from MS and other diseases is shocking.

2. The sicker a person is, the more infested they are with parasites.

3. Herbs alone are not enough to treat a parasite infestation. Anti-parasitic drug treatments help students to have symptom improvements much quicker.

4. Energy testing determines the best treatments, because stool tests are not accurate.

  • DNA tests have limitations. They only test for microbes which had their genetic material sequenced – many parasites have not been sequenced yet.
  • With microscopic/ visual examination parasites are often missed.

Unfortunately there is no one size fits all approach, but taking the right steps with excellence and patience allows students to have much more symptom improvement than they thought possible.

We are now networking with a large group of integrative practitioners to foster collaboration, so that we can bring change quicker. There are exciting times ahead!

To learn more about how parasites contribute to chronic disease, and to hear amazing success stories and insights from our students, watch my video below:

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