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Women and Neurological Diseases

Research is showing that neurological diseases are on the rise, with more women dying from them than ever before. In a 2015 study of neurological deaths of American adults compared with other countries, every country’s rate of neurological deaths rose relative to the controls, but most significantly in the US, which is a huge cause […]

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Comparing Lyme Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

The overlap of symptoms between these two diseases has complicated physician’s process for diagnosing either one. Not only do they share many symptoms, they may also appear similar during an MRI brain scan. This has led to some discussion in the scientific community as to whether or not Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis should be looked […]

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Healthy Meal Ideas for the Holidays From Live Disease Free

Whether you’re hosting friends or family over the holidays, or attending a holiday meal as a guest I wanted to share some delicious meal ideas that align with the Live Disease Free eating plan and Academy so it won’t set your health back. Here are some recipe ideas to go along with an oven roasted turkey: […]

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