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Animal Models in the Study of MS – How Helpful Are They?

Have you ever wondered how researchers can cause mice to have a condition that is similar to multiple sclerosis when they don’t know what causes MS? Yet after decades of research, we are still no closer to knowing the cause of multiple sclerosis and there is still no cure. MS animal studies may be useful […]

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MS News: Malaria Drug May be a Promising Treatment for PPMS

  Is multiple sclerosis caused by a malaria-like parasite? A recent study found that the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) significantly slowed down the progression of disability in people with primary progressive MS (PPMS). This post will discuss: What protists are and how they infect us Highlights of this study Provide compelling evidence linking MS and […]

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MS Research – Low Carb / High Fat Diet Reduces Inflammation and MS Symptoms

  The ketogenic diet has gained a lot of attention in the multiple sclerosis community. To learn more about the Keto diet and MS watch my video, “Multiple Sclerosis and the Keto Diet. Will it help?” In this post, I discuss amazing results from researchers who studied a low-carb high-fat diet for multiple sclerosis patients. […]

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