The best MS diet

Understanding what foods you should and shouldn’t eat (and why) sets the foundation for recovery. With so many fad diets and types of eating plans available today, it can be hard to figure out which diet is best for you.

Step 1.

Changing my diet was the first step in my recovery from multiple sclerosis. Learning that MS is an infectious disease helped me to understand why food is so powerful. I have shared a lot of research showing that MS is caused by infection. Sadly, this has been known for over 30 years, and still isn’t mainstream.

This is why we follow the Live Disease Free eating plan, which has been tested and refined through my own experience with MS, and in working with hundreds of Wellness Champions in the Live Disease Free Academy.

The Live Disease Free eating plan nourishes the body while greatly reducing the food supply to the infections that cause MS – carbs and sugars. Following this eating plan is vital for recovery, because it causes the infections to be less active. As a result, inflammation decreases and symptoms improve.

Treating the infections that cause MS is challenging and requires strategy. When the Live Disease Free eating plan is followed with excellence, the infections are easier to treat.

What is the Live Disease Free Eating Plan?

The foundation of the Live Disease Free eating plan is high nutrition and fibre, low carbohydrate, with moderate protein and enough healthy fats to maintain weight.

We eat a total of 50 grams of carbs per day which includes fibre, sugar, and carbohydrates. Keep in mind that we are measuring total grams of carbs, not net carbs. Between 35-40 total grams of carbs per day appears to be the range where our students are seeing the most symptom improvement. That being said, it’s always important to listen to your body. Make sure you speak with your health care practitioner before making any drastic changes to your diet.

If you eat a lot of carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods before starting the Live Disease Free eating plan, you may experience sugar withdrawals in the first week. These will subside and you will notice an immediate decrease in inflammation.

Carefully following the Live Disease Free eating plan often provides instant symptom improvement, which is exciting and motivating, and gives us confidence that we are finally on the right track. Then we can take the next steps – supporting the body and treating infections. This is the exciting part – when infections are treated our students see miraculous improvements in their health. Some start walking again and no longer need their wheelchair, scooter or walker. I can never promise full recovery, but when we treat the infections effectively, the disease process stops and we experience more healing than we thought possible.

The Live Disease Free eating plan is evidence-based and life-changing. As students recover from chronic disease in the Live Disease Free Academy they have shared the following successes:

  • cancer markers decreased
  • tumours decreased in size
  • infertility resolved resulting in a natural pregnancy
  • diabetes medications no longer needed
  • pacemaker or sleep apnea machine no longer needed
  • no more seizures
  • healthy hair and glowing complexion
  • prescription glasses no longer needed

Wellness Champions join the Live Disease Free Academy to recover from MS (or other disease), but they end up seeing positive changes in so many other areas of their health.

The Live Disease Free eating plan is helpful for not only those who suffer with chronic disease, but also for those who simply want prevention and to live a long, healthy and happy life. This eating plan sets the foundation for recovery, and while many students see immediate improvements in their health from simply changing their diets, it’s important to remember that diet alone is not enough to stop MS. It is vital to treat infections also!

To learn more about the best diet for MS, watch my video below.


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