Why You Must Become the Director of Your Health

Becoming the director of your health is one of the most important skills you will ever learn – but what does it really mean?

Many of us think, “If I just eat right and exercise I’ll be healthy, and if by some random chance I do become sick with a disease, my doctor will fix me.”

But when we do become sick and diagnosed with a disease, we quickly realize that our practitioner can’t fix us, the treatments won’t cure us, and then we begin searching for answers.

How to play an active role in your recovery

Our health is our greatest asset, and we must invest in our health, taking the time to learn proven, effective strategies that will actually help us recover, create health, and avoid chronic disease in the future.

Think about it this way – if you want to learn something new and it is really important to you, (for example a new hobby, job or other skill) do you just get advice from anyone, or do you seek out an expert, follow a proven training system, and dedicate the time needed to perfect it?

We invest in education for a career, or to learn a new hobby or skill like cooking classes, music lessons, or fitness … but why not learn the skill of taking responsibility for our own health?

When it comes to our health, which is arguably the most important thing in our life, why do we sit back and leave it up to others?

I believe we need to shift from reactive to proactive.

What is your responsibility when you’re the director of your health?

1. Learn the important principles of health – the foundation of wellness.
2. Build and implement your plan to recover and create health.
3. Play an active role in your health care.
4. Build your team of health care advocates including: chiropractor, biological dentist, integrative health care professional, and family doctor and/or specialist.
5. Maintain your health. Stay current – continue to learn and grow, and manage your microbes.

When you are in the driver’s seat and learn how to be the director of your health, you will have incredible rewards like stopping disease, having lots of energy, a clear mind and great memory, no pain, feeling happy, and greatly reducing your health care costs. You will see your quality of life greatly improve, you will age gracefully and live longer, and you will leave a legacy for your family.

In the Live Disease Free Academy I teach Wellness Champions exactly how to become the director of their own health. To learn more please watch my video below:

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Author Pam Bartha

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