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How parasites hijack our immune system

It is becoming obvious that silent chronic infections in the body are the biggest cause of disease. To successfully recover from disease, it is vital that we better understand which microorganisms cause disease symptoms, how they bypass our natural defenses and infect us, where they like to live in the body, and how they cause

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Protect Yourself By Reducing Your EMF Exposure

Cell and cordless phones, computers, tablets, TVs, gaming systems, smart meters, baby monitors… These are just a few of the many technologies that make our lives easier and often more enjoyable. Unfortunately for us, we are constantly being bombarded by the harmful Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation that they emit. EMF exposure has been linked to neurological and behavioral changes, an inability to

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The Ketogenic Diet – A solution for Kids with Epilepsy?

There is little that can make a parent feel more powerless than to watch their child suffer from disease symptoms. This is especially true for parents whose children endure epileptic seizures. These episodes are incredibly hard on children’s bodies, minds and spirits and can make day to day functioning difficult and riddled with worry about when the next seizure might strike.

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Chemotherapy Linked to Gut Imbalance

Anyone who has undergone chemotherapy treatment knows how terrible its side effects can be.  Flu-like symptoms, mouth sores, changes in taste and smell, fatigue, hair loss, pain, weight gain – these are just a handful of common after-effects. One of the most common and overwhelming side effects of chemotherapy is digestive impairment, characterized by diarrhea,

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Obesity, Inflammation & Disease

Fight Disease Causing Inflammation With Vitamin D and Exercise Over the last few years, research has shown that those who are obese have a greater risk of developing chronic illnesses since they typically carry higher levels of inflammatory markers than those of a healthy weight- ones that are associated with diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. We all

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Dangerous Levels of Arsenic Found in Rice

Back in 2012, Consumer Reports first shocked the public by telling us that, according to their research, many varieties of rice and common processed foods made from rice (even those labelled “organic”) have unsafe levels of organic and inorganic arsenic (a carcinogen). They also stressed that children are especially at risk when eating this grain. Who would

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Dr. Perlmutter Reveals Ways to Promote Brain Health

More and more, research is showing that what you eat affects your brain health and influences it’s day-to-day ability to function. Gluten, carbohydrates and sugar can have a devastating effect on brain health, as Dr. David Perlmutter discusses in this interview on Fox and Friends- Fox News Channel. A definite must-watch!   Pam BarthaClinically diagnosed with multiple

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The Connection Between Disease, Inflammation and Gut Flora

More and more often, scientific research is revealing how important gut flora is in maintaining and improving our health. When the gut’s microbial environment becomes less diversified, troublesome microbes flourish, creating inflammation that can lead to disease. Respected doctors like Dr. David Perlmutter are really on track with this new research. His work confirms that

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Treatment Versus Prevention

  How Our Current Healthcare System is Working Against Us A friend shared with me that her teenage son is dealing with some very serious health challenges. I could tell in her voice that this has taken a real toll on her family. I began to share some ideas that I thought might really help

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