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The Link Between Multiple Sclerosis and Malaria Part 4

This post discusses how MS has been linked to malaria for over 100 years and why malaria may be one of the main infections that causes multiple sclerosis. This is part 4 of our MS and malaria series.   A large and ever-growing body of research confirms that MS is an infectious disease caused by

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[MS News] Vitamin D Did Not Reduce MS Activity

Vitamin D deficiency has long been considered a risk factor for developing multiple sclerosis, but new research shows that supplementing with vitamin D at different doses does not reduce MS activity after the first MS attack. Since the 1970’s, many observational studies have suggested that vitamin D could be an important factor in MS. This

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Can I Get Parasites From My Pet?

This post discusses the 4 most common parasitic worms we can get from our pets, the symptoms they cause and the best ways to treat these worms in our pets and ourselves. According to the CDC, worms that infect pets can also infect people [i][ii] and by regularly treating parasites in our pets, we can

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Praziquantel Treats Flukes, Tapeworms & Large Roundworms

This post discusses the important parasite drug praziquantel, the types of parasites it treats, recommended doses, its safety and effectiveness. The following information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the necessary measures of your healthcare professional. It is not intended to cure, treat, or mitigate any health condition or disease.

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New Stem Cell Treatment for MS

In this week’s post, Pam Bartha discusses the findings of new study that suggests that injecting a specific type of stem cell into the brains of patients living with progressive multiple sclerosis is safe, well tolerated, and may protect the brain from further damage for at least one year. Is implanting stem cells into the

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How to Stop MS From Progressing

Is it possible to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis? Absolutely! But to do so requires a different approach, one that treats the parasites that cause MS. This post shares the steps the Wellness Champions and Pam Bartha have followed to not only stop the progression of multiple sclerosis but also recover from MS and

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Is Gadolinium from Contrast MRI Safe?

Gadolinium is a metal used to enhance MRI images and help diagnose multiple sclerosis, stroke, dementia, cancer and infection. It is known to build up in the body, including the brain, and there is no central authority keeping track of gadolinium dosage over a patient’s lifetime. This post discusses the safety of gadolinium, potential adverse

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Is Multiple Sclerosis an Autoimmune Disease?

Experts boldly state that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks nerve tissue, yet this claim has never been proven. This post will bring clarity to this topic and provide evidence that MS is NOT an autoimmune disease, but instead in MS the immune system is simply battling parasites that have

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Is Worm Therapy Good For MS?

Are parasitic worms actually helpful for MS? Researchers have explored infecting MS patients with hookworms as a way of possibly regulating the immune system. Could worm therapy be a promising new treatment, or just another attempt to create new patentable immunosuppressive drugs for MS? This post will discuss worm therapy research and reveal how hookworms

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Common Diseases that Co-Exist with MS

An MS diagnosis is difficult enough, yet research has revealed that people diagnosed with MS are at a higher risk to also suffer from a wide range of other diseases, which greatly impact quality of life and can lead to premature death. Are these other diseases just the consequence of multiple sclerosis or the result

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[MS News] Small Roundworms in MS Spinal Fluid

US pathologist Dr. Alan MacDonald discovered many roundworms in the spinal fluid of every MS subject that he studied. This is very significant because for over 100 years, veterinarians have known that when these small worms are present in the spinal fluid of domestic animals, they have symptoms identical to MS. Pam Bartha discusses this

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Accuracy of the Spinal Tap for MS

A spinal tap test can show an increase in antibodies in the central nervous system (CNS) and is often used to diagnose MS. Yet, 5 to 10% of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis do not show increased antibodies in the CNS. Also, many other inflammatory diseases and parasites are associated with increased antibodies in the

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Intestinal Flukes

  Intestinal flukes are more common than we realize. They are large, flat parasitic worms that live in the small intestine and can cause digestive issues, anemia, toxemia, edema, allergic reactions, neurological symptoms and other symptoms of inflammation. This post discusses the symptoms of intestinal flukes, what they look like, how we become infected with

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The Best Diet to Support Recovering From Parasites

Parasites cause disease and the sicker we are, the more infested we are with parasites. All neurological diseases including MS, ALS, PLS, Parkinson’s but also all autoimmune disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease are infectious diseases caused by parasites. Worms, protists, bacteria and fungi or any other living microbe in the body that causes us harm

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Case Study #3 Recovering from MS by Treating Parasites

It’s heartbreaking that so many people spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their health and they’re still sick. They have tried everything to get well, except treating parasites. Parasites cause disease and the only way to recover from disease is to treat them effectively. The following case study shares the journey

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Immune Modulation Before Treating Parasites

  If you have been diagnosed with disease and / or you are sensitive to certain foods, supplements, medications or medicinal herbs, it is very important to support immune modulation before starting to treat parasites. Immune modulation is the first step in the Live Disease Free plan and it helps students avoid Herxheimer reactions, allows

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Live Disease Free Q&A

In the video below, Pam Bartha answers your questions about supplements, diet, treating parasites and other health topics related to recovering from MS and other diseases. She also shares some amazing current successes of Wellness Champions who are following the Live Disease Free Plan. There are real solutions to recover from parasites today! To restore

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Animal Models in the Study of MS – How Helpful Are They?

Have you ever wondered how researchers can cause mice to have a condition that is similar to multiple sclerosis when they don’t know what causes MS? Yet after decades of research, we are still no closer to knowing the cause of multiple sclerosis and there is still no cure. MS animal studies may be useful

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