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How Biotoxins Can Trigger Disease

  How Biotoxins Can Trigger Disease Parasites not only cause inflammation as our immune system defends our body, but the biotoxins they produce can also have a major impact on our metabolism – how our body runs or operates. Chronic inflammation and abnormal metabolism caused by parasites and their toxins can exist in our bodies

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How Parasites Cause Inflammation and Immune Dysfunction

Science has shown that there are many ways in which parasites cause inflammation and immune dysfunction in our body. This explains how parasites can cause disease without causing an acute infection and when parasites are treated effectively, both inflammation and immune dysfunction subside. In this post, I share just a few ways in which parasites

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Inflammation: The Cause of MS Symptoms

  Story at a glance All diseases are inflammatory conditions. Inflammation occurs when our tissues become injured from either an accident or from infections (parasites) and the toxins they produce. Inflammation is the war zone between the parasites and our immune system. As parasites are treated effectively, inflammation stops and so does disease. Is it

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How Pam and Others Are Successfully Treating Parasites That Cause MS

  Story at a glance Parasites cause disease. The sicker we are, the more infested we are with parasites. Treating a parasitic infestation requires strategy. There are specific steps that Wellness Champions are taking to successfully treat parasites that cause chronic diseases like MS.  About Pam and the Live Disease Free Approach I was

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Lisa Has Been Living MS Free For 6 Years Now

  Lisa was diagnosed with MS at the age of 28. As a medically trained health care professional, she thought MS drugs would be the answer. She used them for 5 years, but her health continued to get worse. One night, she desperately cried out to God for healing. The very next day, she found

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Bacterial Neurotoxins Discovered in MS Patients

Story at a Glance A group of US researchers have found high levels of three bacterial neurotoxins in the spinal fluid and plasma of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, but not in healthy people. This study published in the journal, Brain, helps us better understand how bacteria in the gut can impact neurological diseases as they

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Wellness Champion Successes – MS Symptom Improvements May 2022

    In the following videos, Pam shares how Wellness Champions are actually recovering from MS and other chronic diseases without feeling deprived or without spending tens of thousands of dollars on their health… even though some of them have been sick for 20 years or more and have tried everything in the past to

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Mitochondrial Transplantation: A Potential New MS Treatment?

Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to many diseases including MS. Researchers believe that increasing the number of healthy mitochondria may help MS patients. In this post, I will discuss this new research and whether the use of mitochondrial transplantation could be helpful for MS patients. Story at a glance: Mitochondrial dysfunction occurs in many neurological

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Paleo Diet: Will it Help?

  The Paleo diet is a popular diet with many groups and celebrities, but will it help people who have MS? This post will discuss the Paleo diet – what it is, the guidelines and the benefits to those with MS who follow this diet. Story at a glance The benefits of the Paleo diet

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Multiple sclerosis and the Keto diet – Will it Help?

  The ketogenic diet has been very popular for weight loss, diabetes and managing conditions like epilepsy, but will it help MS? Story at a glance Various studies show that the MS patients following a ketogenic diet can benefit from: Improved mitochondrial function More energy Improved memory and motor function Reduced oxidative stress Less inflammation

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Lyme Spirochetes in the Myelin Sheath of Brain Nerve Cells

Mainstream science teaches that Multiple Sclerosis is caused by immune cells attacking the myelin sheath of nerve cells in the central nervous system, as if it is the enemy. But what if our immune cells are attacking a foreign invader inside the myelin sheath, causing injury to it and surrounding nerve cells as they try to

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MS Diet by LDF in the best one!

The Best Multiple Sclerosis Diet in 2022

For a person living with multiple sclerosis (MS), it is a daily struggle to have to cope with the realities of that condition. These days, there are many who claim they have the best method to help people manage their MS, but most of these methods are not an effective long-term solution. One of these

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Changes in the Microbiome of MS Patients

  Two scientific reviews published this month discuss very important insights into the real cause of MS. One was published in the journal Biomolecules, and the second in the Lancet. Both reviews are focused on research that is leading us in the right direction to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. These researchers are on

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Is the Epstein-Barr Virus a Trigger for Multiple Sclerosis?

A Harvard research group recently published a study investigating if the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is a trigger for multiple sclerosis. This study has received a lot of attention in the media and from the National MS Society. It is promoted as a very large study done by a well-respected research group that provides strong evidence

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