The mindset of a Wellness Champion

MS and chronic disease in general beats us up emotionally. It affects our self-esteem, self-confidence, and robs us of our hopes and dreams. Through the Live Disease Academy I have interviewed hundreds of students who are at their lowest point. It breaks my heart to hear how much people are suffering.

Mindset is everything

I believe we must first look at our core beliefs around health. We may think that we are making our decisions based on facts, but in reality our beliefs are making decisions for us all the time. This may sound a bit out there or new to some of you, but bear with me as I explain.

The majority of our personal beliefs about wellness were established when we were young. Some of our beliefs serve us well but others actually stop us from succeeding in life. In his book, If How-To’s Were Enough, We Would All be Skinny, Rich and Happy, Brian Klemmer explains that if we want to create a big change in our lives in a short period of time, we must begin by looking at our beliefs about health and wellness.

Do we believe that there is no hope because we have been told this by an expert? Or that our genetics prevent us from achieving a perfect body shape? Do we believe that we inherited a bad heart? That we don’t have time to exercise, or that healthy foods are expensive? This beliefs list is endless and it keeps us stuck in old, ineffective ways of thinking.

It is really important to explore and determine all the beliefs that you hold around health and wellness, then list the benefits and costs of each belief. What are sickness, obesity, and other related health conditions costing you, both financially and with respect to your quality of life? Answering these questions will help you see which beliefs may actually be stopping you from living the life you desire.

How to create change

For meaningful change to occur in life, our intention (or determination to carry out our goal) and the reasons why we want to accomplish our goal must be crystal clear and strong. What do you want to accomplish and why? Why must you succeed? How committed are you to your intention? If your intention is not rock solid, you probably won’t follow through. You must have a bigger reason (or why) to make significant change than the short term inconvenience or pain that comes with change. Why do you want to live at your ideal body weight or change your lifestyle? What will the benefits be if you do make the change? What price will you pay if you don’t commit to improving your health? What’s at stake?

You must be honest with yourself and consider the long-term consequences of your actions. The more real this is for you, the stronger your intention will be to change and the more likely you will succeed.

For myself, after my MS diagnosis I had to learn how to take responsibility for my health. I also had to invest in my health – it’s not fair but there was no other option, other than disability. Watch my video below to learn more about the mindset of a Wellness Champion, and how you can set your own intention and determine YOUR why.

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